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The Ruixiang furniture limited company starts to create in 1999, to establish since then advancedly infinite DESIGNSOFTWARE in the creativity of application design system. Synthesize the international current, profession design with produce various massage bed massage the chair transacts to turn the chair hall chair leisure chair etc. furniture series product.
Try for the best, serve the public, have no best, only have better. We will give the customer the offering better, more high-quality product with serve. Create the high-quality product, set up the good prestige, set up brand strategy is aim that our Ruixiang person service.
The company owns the advanced production equipments, professional design actors of one troupe, experienced management in reason in outside business management in many years staff. Strictly internal quantity management mechanism. Have the design manner of the mental strategy only, careful quantity management, professional management science. Thering is this technique the hard Capable team, further established our the groundwork of the steady development.
The technology makes people the center. We believe firmly" quality is future that business enterprise that life, talented person is just business enterprise". Beg to exist with the quantity, is begged by trustworthiness development. Develop the advanced product of the independence intelligent property right continuously. The company have owned now nine nations invents patent. Everything creates the benefits for the customer, deep get the customer has faith in, the person of Ruixiang even makes a point of continuously enterprising, continuously the Expand is new. Strive relentlessly the ground is strong and strong with people of different walks of life to cooperate, you develop!I develop!Everybody development!!Create the glorious tomorrow together!!!
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